About us

The Freedom Jasmine Organization (FJO) is a non-profit, humanitarian and human rights organization. Our mission revolves around alleviating the suffering of displaced Syrian women and other vulnerable groups. We stand firmly with survivors, including the wives of detainees and missing persons, amidst the challenges of conflict zones. Through our tireless efforts, we raise awareness, provide counseling and psychological support, facilitate livelihood opportunities, and advocate fervently for empowerment and protection. FJO is based in Gaziantep, Turkey, strategically positioned to address the pressing needs of those we serve.


Freedom Jasmine strives to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by aiding individuals in building safe, productive, and just societies. We believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of human life, emphasizing the importance of life and rights.

Freedom Jasmine considers the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, employing a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to improve the status of women in society and enhance their rights. We are committed to designing and participating in inclusive programming, respecting varying cultural dynamics, and upholding environmental values. Our goal is to adopt an evidence-based approach, enabling us to support and empower women for effective contributions to the community.

Freedom Jasmine endeavors to strengthen engagement and cooperation with national and international bodies, continually aiming to improve and expand these relations. We aspire to be pioneers and contributors to civil society and the humanitarian sector, working towards the reconstruction of Syrian society with advancements in social, intellectual, and cultural dimensions.


Reducing suffering, poverty, and oppression, and protecting the rights of civilians and the most vulnerable groups in conflict areas and humanitarian disasters by helping people build safe, productive, and just societies. We work on advocacy to support vulnerable groups, provide legal awareness, early recovery, livelihood, economic support, and raise awareness in the community.